About Me

My name is Melissa. When I was very young my mom called me Lissa. That was supposed to be my nickname. When I entered school and was too afraid to tell what I wanted, I was saddled with the moniker Missy. I hated it. Always have, always will. By jr. high Missy was going halvsies with Melissa. By high school there were just a few holdouts. (To this day, they get a pass. You, however, do not.) There were a couple of other nicknames too, but those belong to stories for other days. College offered a fresh beginning. A time to be who I wanted. I became…Mel? Yep, Mel. For some deep, dark psychological reason I didn’t become Lissa. So, here I am, back to Melissa, still planning on switching to Lissa someday. And wondering why I haven’t yet and when I will.


So, whaddya think?

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