My uncle has been quite sick lately, which has me thinking a lot about him and our relationship. I have long felt a deep connection to my uncle. There’s no reason for me to feel closer to him than anyone else…but I do, and always have.

This connection with my uncle has me pondering the connections I share with other people in my life. Such as:

-The cute boy I barely knew but spent hours talking with over dinner.

-My first friend from kindergarten, who is still important to me.

-An ex on whom I will always depend.

-The old friends I hadn’t seen in years, but have reconnected with…in ways old and new.

-A guy who bullied me in school, but with whom I now feel surprisingly comfortable.

When we say people have chemistry, we often mean it in figurative sense, but there is a  literal meaning too. Being around certain people creates chemical changes in our brains, so these connections are physical as well as emotional. But how is it this happens with certain people and not others? And doesn’t that make that it all the more special?

When I feel a connection with someone, I don’t want to ignore it nor question it. I just want to explore it and see where it leads.


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4 Responses to Connection

  1. The connections we here with people are so often inexplicable. I had a roommate in college named Dan. He was a perfectly nice guy, considerate, friendly etc. In theory we had a ton in common. We were both interested in history, politics, and baseball-yet we never clicked. Not only did we fail to become friends, there was…well…awkwardness. We just didn’t have anything to say to each other. After living together for a year, we parted and never spoke to each other again. I doubt I’ll ever see or hear from him-and that’s okay.

    On the other hand, there are people I’ve known….well you know who are, with whom the conversation flows magically. Where just being in their presence makes you happy and charges you with energy. I’m not sure why that happens with some people and not others, but it does.

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