“It’s not fair! You don’t understand! That’s not what I said! I’m being punished for something I didn’t even do!”
-Me, on many an occasion, to many a loved one

We are punished by and for the issues of those we love. You know the whole sins of the father thing? It’s not just the father. Everyone we love is messed up, because, well, everyone is messed up. They don’t understand. They blame. They twist. They look at things, including you and your actions, through their fucked up worldview. What you say and imply doesn’t really matter, what they hear and infer does. You end up punished for what they think.

But so what. You love them, you love all of them. Even their issues. You learn, they learn. It still happens, because we can never truly understand another person. Hell, very few of us can even understand ourselves. So we keep trying. We keep explaining. We keep accepting. And we keep being punished. Then we keep sharing our issues and trying to understand theirs.

Oh, and you have a fucked up worldview too, which causes you to punish those who love you. Don’t forget that.

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