How many emotions can a person have at once? Good news for a friend means bad news for you. Winning one thing makes you lose another. Like part of an opportunity but dislike another part. So want to have an adventure; so want to curl up in the corner. Someone else getting what you want brings up what has been denied. A fun time reminds of a tragedy. Being bravely honest offends and ricochets.

Having one feeling doesn’t mean you can’t have another also. You can be overjoyed for a friend, and feel overwhelmed yourself. Excitement doesn’t block fear. The scales of balance don’t tip in favor of positive over negative. Bravery is often followed by pain.

Feeling bad for yourself doesn’t temper feeling good for someone else. We are human. Situations are complicated. Others’ decisions affect us, as ours do them. You don’t want someone you care about to lose out for you, but you can still acknowledge your resulting loss.

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