Everybody hurts. Everybody hurts, not just feels hurt, but hurts other people.

We all have been hurt and hated it, but we all still hurt other people. Some of the best people I know have hurt me, just as I have hurt others. Sometimes it’s unintentional. Sometimes it’s from rationalizing because of our own issues. And sometimes it’s just being stupid because we are human.

And then there are those who just don’t give a fuck about other people. But that’s not what has me upset and confused.

We KNOW the damage we may be doing, we don’t WANT to damage people we care about, yet we still do it. Why? I know there are as many specific whys as there are hurts, but what’s the general why?

Are we all doomed to hurt and feel hurt? The pain we cause expands and trickles to others. One person hurting another has a ripple effect and affects many. How do we dam the pain we cause?

Why do we keep hurting each other? Even if we can’t figure that out, can we stop? Can I?

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