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I feel all the feels. I used to apologize to others and degrade myself for this. I thought it was a flaw. Um, wrong. So wrong. Yes, I hurt tons, but I forgive just as much. I experience deep sadness…and … Continue reading

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Almost a month ago I cracked my clavicle and jacked my shoulder. So, pain. Varying amounts of pain for weeks now. Not fun. I’m also fairly incapacitated. Which equals frustration, disappointment, boredom, and, well, not fun. I have cancelled many … Continue reading

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Everybody hurts. Everybody hurts, not just feels hurt, but hurts other people. We all have been hurt and hated it, but we all still hurt other people. Some of the best people I know have hurt me, just as I … Continue reading

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Sensitive. Needy. Envious. Honest. Insecure. Empathetic. Doubting. Jealous. Outspoken. Emotional. Self-conscious. Passionate. Yep, that’s me. Wait. Stop. Go put a “too” in front of all those words. Now do you see the problem? All those “toos” mean I get hurt…a … Continue reading

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