Sensitive. Needy. Envious. Honest. Insecure. Empathetic. Doubting. Jealous. Outspoken. Emotional. Self-conscious. Passionate.

Yep, that’s me. Wait. Stop. Go put a “too” in front of all those words. Now do you see the problem?

All those “toos” mean I get hurt…a lot. So, I want to change. I’ve worked to change. I put myself in situations where I have to change. I spend time with people who help me change. But how much is enough?

I want to be me. To do that, I need to manage the hurt so I’m still willing to show my true self. But I can’t also transform the core of who I am and become someone I’m not. How do I find this happy medium? There has to be a way to become more what I want to be while still keeping the parts that I like.

Also, those situations I put myself in? I need to figure out how long to stay in them, or how to adapt them so they strengthen instead of demolish me. And those people who help me? I need to keep those relationships healthy and honest.

I want to become the perfect me. ‘Cause I think I’ll really like her.

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8 Responses to Change

  1. G.J.H.S. says:

    I don’t know about any of that.

    I know that you’re a sweetheart, and you’re beautiful, and you’re smart, and you’re strong.

    I know that all of that stuff that you used to describe yourself as “too” are exactly what make you who you are. I wouldn’t worry about changing.

    My advice? Stop worrying about what anyone else thinks. You know you kick ass…just get on with your ass-kicking self.

    • Melissa says:

      Well, if someone as ass-kicking as you thinks I’m ass-kicking, I guess I shouldn’t change a thing!
      Seriously though, thank you. I really appreciate you.

  2. Corrie says:

    Don’t change. Heal. Evolve. Be. xo

  3. Corrie says:

    Maybe not so smart…but I sure know a good soul when I see one. 😉 I love you JUST the wa-ay you arrre…. LOL

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