A while ago I tweeted, “I think I may be too happy. I can’t think of anything to blog about.” To which my friend Adam replied, “Happiness writes white.” Which is a version of a quote that has been attributed to Henry de Montherlant. It’s also damn true.

When I’m angry or sad, the words usually come easy. I know how to express myself appropriately…and I sure can also yell and put down with the best of them. Plus, you should see my “angry look.” But when I’m happy? You may see it on my face, but I probably won’t verbalize it. What is there to say? I’m happy. There isn’t a litany of complaints to provide. Just, I’m happy. And who walks around saying things like that? They’d get smacked. Or locked up.

But what if I told you I was happy? Would you be envious? Or inspired? Would you realize how happy you are too? And be willing to admit it? Would we start a trend? Will others join us?

Pssst! I’m happy!

Now the key is to stay happy.

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2 Responses to Happiness

  1. Corrie says:

    I am happy that you’re happy! I’m pretty happy myself. That’s two of us….is this the start of trend?! 😀 xoxo

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