The road to hell is paved with…well, for me it’s paved with sitting on the couch drinking sangria and watching Criminal Minds reruns. My intention when I began this blog was to write regularly. Not on a timetable, but often enough that I would feel productive and purposeful. Um, that didn’t happen. I blame fruity wine and Matthew Gray Gubler.  I do have a bunch of half-written entries sitting on my computer. What’s the real reason I haven’t finished and posted any of them? Well, do you have 50 minutes and a couch for me to lie on? Let’s just leave it at I didn’t but I will. So, in the words of that wise sage Kermit, “On with the show!”

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2 Responses to Intentions

  1. Nina Bargiel says:

    I blame fruity wine and Matthew Gray Gubler.

    >ME TOO!

  2. Blogging… ha ha my ticket to fame and yet I keep rebuilding and writing and publishing and unplublishing… lol

    I get the farthest when I act on inspired thought and don’t judge myself. Just let it flow and release it. Gluck!

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