OK, I’ll admit it, I was totally inspired to write this while listening to a Taylor Swift song. Furthermore, I was tempted to just copy her lyrics and call it a day.

People talk about finding their place in the world. That’s what we’re supposed to do, right? Figure out where we’re supposed to be, what we’re supposed to be doing there, and who we’re supposed to be doing it with.  But what if you can’t find it? Or what if there’s not just one place in the world that fits? Do you keep looking? Do you stay where you are because it’s good enough…or because you feel you aren’t good enough?

I’ve been leading a gypsy lifestyle lately (well, not the whole cursing vampires by giving them back their souls part). I keep meaning to find my place in the world. But, oops, I haven’t. It’s still on my “to do” list, waiting to be crossed off. They (whoever the heck “they” are) say that you can’t find something until you stop looking. I guess I’ll try that tactic. Even if it doesn’t work, I’ll have way more fun than I have been while searching and worrying.

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