I’ve been the one who does what has to be done. I’m becoming the one who does what can be done.

I worry about and take care of everyone else, which means I tend to get left by the wayside. I have given up so much in the past few years to make sure other people are safe and sound. Which, surprisingly, has led me to a good place too. Actually, it has led me to no place at all, which kinda means I get a do-over. I can choose to settle like I have in the past, or I can make my life what I truly want….not what I–or someone else–thinks I deserve. Not just good enough, but holy-damn-fuckin’-cool good.

I’m not going to settle for what other people are willing to give me, I’m also not going to settle for what I have been giving myself. I don’t just get to create the life I want, I get to create the me I want.

I am sick of Andie MacDowell and Diane Keaton being the only ones telling me I’m worth it. I guess I’ll start telling myself, and hopefully someone else will see it’s true.

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4 Responses to Settling

  1. I’ll tell you, too. You ARE worth it. Go for the gold, baby! xo

  2. It’s pretty freeing (and sometimes paralyzing) to think the only thing in between you and what you want is deciding what you want (hard) and doing the work (hard but not as hard as making the decision, sometimes.)

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