I’ve always been fond of artistic people. They’re usually smart, creative, quirky, and interesting. But that’s not really why I’m into them. Truth? I want to be someone’s muse. And become a character in a book, lyric in a song, painting on a wall, or photograph in a portfolio.

I had a boyfriend who would paint on my body and then photograph it. I totally supported him in his art. Not for his sake, but rather for mine. I wanted to be a photo hanging in a gallery. With people admiring it…I mean me.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), I am obviously not museum quality.

So I asked myself,  “Why can’t I be my own muse?” I may not be an artist, but I am smart, creative, quirky, and interesting. Then I realized I AM my own muse. I’m the muse for every single one of these blog entries. (Well, except for when it’s Taylor Swift instead.)

But still, if there are any cute artist types out there…call me!

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