What is most important to you? The most important thing in your life? In your job? In your relationship? In yourself?

Sometimes that oh so important thing becomes overshadowed by all our other wants. Musts. Have tos. Supposed tos. Shoulds. Coulds. Woulds.

Then we lose it. Or almost lose it. Or think we might lose it. And we realize that IT is the important thing. That person. That feeling. That value. That opportunity. That…thing.

Nothing else really matters.

I recently lost/almost lost/thought I lost it. I kept my pride. I stayed strong. And realized I don’t really care about pride and strength. The good thing is, what really matters–what’s important–became clear. And the clarity didn’t come too late. Luckily.

Figure out what’s really important. Remember it. Don’t let it become overshadowed. Make sure you don’t lose it. You won’t care about what is left when it is gone.

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