This started out as a note to an individual person. But then I realized it wasn’t just about us, it’s about all my relationships and life in general.

I’m at a place where (although sometimes I momentarily forget) I am true to myself and honest with others. I can be overwhelming. I can be confusing. I can be frustrating. But having me around is still totally worth it. I’m not a typical girl, and I don’t need to be. I’m not asking for anything, but also know what I want.

I want slow and sensual. I want connection and touch. I want fun and kink. I want mess and fierceness. I want honesty and reality.

I want to help and be supported. I want to teach and learn. I want to share and be introspective. I want to forgive and be understood. I want to be uninhibited and accepting.

I want to be wanted.


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